Check out Sight Machine by Trevor Paglen, Kronos Quartet, and Obscura Digital commissioned by Cantor Arts Center (recently featured on WIRED):

You can also read a New York Times article by Julie Baumgardner about Sight Machine and themes of the project.

 I find this collaboration interesting for some of the following reasons in relation to music learning and teaching:

  • it explores socio-cultural issues through the arts
  • it is driven by artistic inquiry 
  • it combines digital media and acoustic instruments in a hybrid context
  • it combines audio and visual components
  • it explores and includes aspects of arts, science, technology, math, and engineering

While a school might not be able to perform (or be interested in performing) Sight Machine, music programs could explore any of these aforementioned themes (whether focused on AI or anything else) as part of a meaningful project!

Need a starting point to figure out how some of these themes work in music learning and teaching contexts?

Here’s a place to explore issues of hybridity in music education.

Here’s a chapter on multimedia, intermedia, and transmedia in music education (click the reference on the linked page and it will let you download the chapter)

Here are some resources for project-based learning in music education



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