Extending Concerts: #StCeciliasDay Project

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You Are Here:, digital culture, music education, popular cultureExtending Concerts: #StCeciliasDay Project

As part of my research and teaching, I explore possibilities of applying principles of digital and participatory culture in connection with concerts and events. How might we enhance or expand arts participation with concerts?

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#StCeciliasDay Project

This semester, our Digital and Participatory Culture in Music course is serving as a design team in collaboration with colleagues in the ASU school of music to extend a St. Cecilia’s Day concert (taking place on Nov. 22) with participatory musical engagement and learning opportunities.

We’ve compiled many of the opportunities on the #StCeciliasDay project website and will facilitate additional related projects over the next few days up through the concert. The site also includes contextual information, mutimodal texts, and related art works to expand on the music and themes of #StCeciliasDay.


Consider participating in some of the projects related to #StCeciliasDay or head over to the project website to explore them all.

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I’m excited to continue working on similar initiatives to extend and expand concerts and the ways people engage with these and other musical events.

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