February 22, 2017


All people are musical or have the potential to be musical!

This is a key premise driving how I consult for, design, curate, and facilitate #WeAreAllMusical events and related aspects of participatory culture and music engagement or learning.

As Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis suggests,

“When we acknowledge how, just by living and listening, we have all acquired deep musical knowledge, we must also recognise that music is not the special purview of professionals.”

#WeAreAllMusical events feature participatory musical experiences that invite people to create, play, and explore musical possibilities. #WeAreAllMusical eventsĀ can range from small participatory pop-ups to larger components of festivals, events, or concerts.

What makes #WeAreAllMusical events unique, is the blurring of lines between roles such as audience-creator-performer-director.

What makes them possible is including skilled facilitators with a deep understanding of how to scaffold and support engagement and learning.

Take a look at some similar eventsĀ for which I’ve served as artistic director or curator:

Spark Festival of Creativity 2017 @ Mesa Arts Center

Participatory Pop Ups (in Collaboration with Arizona State University Music Education)