February 26, 2013


Much of my teaching connects to the research, development, and themes of the Consortium for Innovation and Transformation in Music Education (CITME).

I am currently seeking graduate students interested in researching, developing, and teaching in areas connected to our work in CITME (i.e. STEAM, digitally-mediated musical engagement & learning, popular music and culture, maker culture). Contact me for further information.

During 2017 – 2018, I am specifically seeking undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in applying their expertise in software engineering, UX design, coding/programming to work on music-related projects.

Check out the ASU Music Education Facebook Page and Music Education Research Group:Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 9.04.23 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.48.03 PM

Undergraduate Courses I Teach:

  • The Art of Teaching Contemporary Musicians (Formerly titled Teaching General Music in Secondary Schools)
  • Digital and Hybrid Lab (Created & Supervising, currently taught by graduate teaching assistants)

Graduate Courses I Teach 

  • Studies in Music Curricula (alternating Fall Semesters)
  • Inquiry and Project-based learning (alternating Spring semesters)
  • Popular Culture and Music in Music Education (alternating Spring semesters)
  • Digital and Participatory Culture in Music (alternating Fall semesters)
  • Introduction to Research in Music Education: Qualitative Research (summer session)
  • Video Games and Contemporary Technology in Music Education (summer session)

[I am currently experimenting with allowing select students to enroll in some courses through a synchronous digitally-mediated distance-learning model. If you are interested in enrolling in one of these courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for professional development hours or graduate credit as a non-degree student but cannot physically attend class sessions, please contact me regarding the potential for distance-learning options. Note – CEU hours cannot be counted towards or converted to graduate credits.]

Courses I Have Taught in the Past

  • Psychology of Music (Co-taught)
  • Social and Cultural Studies in Music Education 
  • Open Minds Digital Ears (as part of the ASU Digital Culture Program)

Select Topics of Mentoring and Independent Study Projects (Current and Past)

It is my pleasure to work with students on a broad range of independent study projects. I am extremely flexible in terms of what might constitute an independent study project. While topics and themes of independent studies are proposed by students, I ask that students working with me on projects connect with aspects of the ASU New American University Design Aspirations. This means that independent studies are centered around inquiry but are also use-inspired and socially embedded whenever possible. I ask students to consider how their independent study projects might contribute to the field in addition to furthering their own education. Thus, independent studies often result in related research projects or tangible projects ranging from unit projects to tutorial videos that can be of assistance to others.

Each of the following topics or themes were proposed by students and developed collaboratively into a focus for at least a semester-long independent study project.

  • Developing a philosophical framework for choral music education
  • Developing a philosophical framework that addresses connections between local and global music education
  • Curricular change in secondary music programs
  • Integrating popular music pedagogy and informal learning practices in large ensemble settings
  • Developing skills and pedagogical applications of contemporary technology and digital media for music education.
  • Developing STEM to STEAM projects for the K-6 music classroom
  • Integrating mobile technologies such as a Kaos Pad in an elementary after school club
  • Integrating participatory culture and composing in 6 – 8 general music courses
  • Reviewing existing literature on popular music pedagogy and developing contemporary approaches to high school guitar classes and a University-level rock band course
  • Developing plans for a non-profit songwriting workshop for local youth
  • Developing string-focused popular music arrangements and video tutorials as supplementary materials for music educators

I also frequently work with Barrett Honors Students from across ASU. Some recent student-proposed project topics include: researching DJ’s musical selections in relation to climate, developing popular music pedagogy within a constructivist framework, creating music that combines elements of classical vocal and contemporary music and production practices, and exploring connections between maker culture and music education.

Interested in beginning an independent study project? Contact me and let’s determine next steps.

I have ongoing possibilities for undergraduate research projects.

Ask me about the VIP initiative and how you can join a research team! 

Join one of our initiatives in the Consortium for Innovation and Transformation in Music Education (CITME).




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