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Robotics to augment musical engagement?

A recent development out of Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology demonstrates how robotics can be used to augment live performance. However one feels about this type of technology and its connection to human performance, I find it helpful to think through these types of developments and imagine future scenarios that might relate to or impact music teaching and learning. I’ve written in the past about robots in relationship to music and musical engagement. More recently,

CS For All: Creating music with code!

While science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is still a dominant paradigm in contemporary society, many people are engaging in STEAM (STEM with the arts included) in a robust manner. President Obama’s recent announcement of a Computer Science for All initiative (and $4 billion in funding) is an important development in STEM education as well as the potential for a larger presence of STEAM in instances where the arts might otherwise be absent. CS For All and related