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Extending Concerts: #StCeciliasDay Project

As part of my research and teaching, I explore possibilities of applying principles of digital and participatory culture in connection with concerts and events. How might we enhance or expand arts participation with concerts? #StCeciliasDay Project This semester, our Digital and Participatory Culture in Music course is serving as a design team in collaboration with colleagues in the ASU school of music to extend a St. Cecilia’s Day concert (taking place on Nov. 22) with participatory

The Future of Orchestras and Their Role in Music Education: A Dialogue

Michael Gagliardo contributed a blog post over at the League of American Orchestras regarding the role that orchestras play in music education. The post focuses primarily on the lack of young musicians who attend orchestra concerts and the degree to which orchestral musicians should be enthusiastic during concerts designed specifically for young people. What types of concert formats do you think would benefit your students? What types of innovations might orchestras make to help build

The next generation of concert notes?

Besides being a great resource for information on music and composers, the Online Conservatory (a project of Northeastern University and the Boston Symphony Orchestra) serves as a possible model for the next generation of concert notes. While many music teaches have their students work on concert notes for programs, the use of multimedia resources could add an interesting dimension to your program. Why not have students analyze the music they are performing, do some research

Religious Music and December Concerts….

With many school concerts taking place around this time of year the issue of what music should or should not be played is a concern of many music teachers, students, parents, administrators and community members. A recent article in the Boston Globe about holiday music at school concerts takes a neutral look at some of the issues without delving too deep into them. MENC, the National Association for Music Education is currently conducting a survey