February 22, 2017

Spark! 2017 Water Music

Water Music

Stop and listen. 

What do you hear?

Let everything float away and be in the moment. 

Consider, what it would be like to be in conversation with the water, musically.

Listen and respond to the water musically with one or more of the instruments in front of you.

What do you hear?

  • Do you notice patterns in the water?
  • Are some sounds more interesting than others?
  • What would it sound like to imitate the sounds of water with some of the instruments? Give it a try!

Create sound that imitates, responds to or goes along with the water.

You are making music!

Record yourself creating music with the water!

Share your video with us via your social media of choice, in the comment section, or on the Spark! Facebook Page  #WeAreAllMusical

How have others created music inspired by or in response to water?

Give a listen and share your thoughts below:

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