February 28, 2017

Spark! 2017 Play This Place

Play This Place

In collaboration with:

  • Consortium for Innovation and Transformation in Music Education
  • Arizona State University Music Education and Therapy Division
  • AZ Beat lab
  • Oh My Ears

What happens when you play these poles, trees, and walls?

Find out during pop-up installations throughout the day.

All ages. No experience necessary.

Record yourself playing this place!

Share your recording with us via your social media of choice, in the comment section, or on the Spark! Facebook Page  #WeAreAllMusical

We transformed several of the poles, trees, and walls in this area of the Mesa Arts Camps into instruments. 

How did we do this?

We are using Mogees Pros to translate the way you touch, tap, strike the object into sound.

We are also using the music application Ableton Live and audio equipment to allow for flexibility and control of sounds and how they can be layered with one another and additional sounds or music

Explore your own home and environment with Mogees.

You can purchase your own Mogees Pro or Mogees Play.

Each Mogee pairs with an accompanying iOS app that allows you to turn an object into an instrument.

Explore the different sounds you can make.

  • What types of objects would you use a Mogee Pro to turn into an instrument?
  • What types of sounds would you assign to your object?
  • How would you differentiate the “gestures” (ways you hit, tap, strike) to trigger sounds?
  • How will the gestures you use relate to the sounds you create?

You don’t need a Mogee to think creatively about how objects can be instruments!

Explore the Consortium for Innovation and Transformation’s “When is an Instrument” project to think creatively about your surroundings and to play with your place.

Curious about designing and experimenting with instruments through science, technology, engineering, and math (STEAM)?  Check out the STEAM space @ Spark! 2017.

Visit the other areas of #WeAreAllMusical @ Spark! 2017.

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