February 28, 2017

Spark! 2017 The Jam Lounge

The Jam Lounge

Relax. Hang out. Connect & Make Music.

All ages. No experience necessary.

Requires your own mobile device.

In Collaboration with:

  • Consortium for Innovation and Transformation in Music Education (CITME)
  • Arizona State University Music Education and Therapy Division
  • AZ Beat Lab
  • Oh My Ears

Sure you can try some musical apps on your own, but the real fun starts when you start jamming with others. We’ve curated some apps that can get you started making music right away – no experience necessary.

  • Try out some apps below
  • Plug your phone into the mixer
  • Choose a mix of all the people connected to the mixer by adjusting the faders
  • Experiment with your apps.
  • Listen and respond to each other.
  • Jam and have fun!

App Menu

Try some of the following apps and play around with some music making.

Starters (basic)

Beatwave  Simply tap on some boxes, listen to what happens, and tap some more. (free)




Tapas (with more options)


Novation LaunchPad

Kids Menu

The Tune Zoo

Connecting a mobile device to a mixer

What should I do with my mobile device?

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to connect a mobile phone to a mixer:

Basics of working with a mixer

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