July 18, 2016

Resources for General Music, Hybrid courses, & Projects

The following resources for music teaching and learning can be helpful in varied settings ranging from K-12 school music education programs to community contexts. The majority of these resources focus on helping music educators or teaching artists design and facilitate hybrid settings that combine varied aspects of musical engagement and learning.

General Music, Hybrid Courses, and Projects

If you’ve ever asked a question such as “What should I do in my general music class?” or “What types of projects and activities work well for secondary general music students?” or “Help, I’m creating a new music class for students who are typically not in the music program, any ideas?” this section should be helpful!

Here are curated resources that I often share with people interested in project ideas, expanding their general music or hybrid classes, or who are just looking for some helpful ideas (some of the resources include affiliate links):


Teaching General Music: Approaches, Issues & ViewPoints (2015) Ed. Carlos Abril & Brent Gault

This will likely end up being used as a foundational text in general music methods courses across the country as well as a go-to resource for anyone teaching general music. The book outlines the key (and emerging) approaches to teaching general music in the 21st century as well as critical perspectives to inform curriculum development and practice. The book is unique in the diversity of approaches to general music giving an updated and current view on the landscape of general music teaching.

Teaching for Musical Understanding (2014) – Jackie Wiggins

Teaching for Musical Understanding is helpful for broadening and deepening general music teaching by providing a strong foundation that informs the decisions we make in the classroom. It includes learning theories that can inform practice and ideas of how to teach for musical understanding that differ from or expand upon activities that often occur in general music classrooms. This is also perfect for teachers looking to engage students in higher order thinking skills in the music classroom.

Dimensions of Musical Learning and Teaching: A Different Kind of Classroom (2002) Ed. Eunice Boardman

Dimensions of Musical Learning and Teaching offers varied perspectives on teaching with a constructivist and student-centered style. Each chapter is rich with description of how to create engaging classrooms or ensembles where students are regularly making musical decisions.

Sound Ways of Knowing: Music in the Interdisciplinary Classroom  (1997) Janet Barrett, Claire McCoy, and Kari Veblen

Sound Ways of Knowing lays the groundwork for developing interdisciplinary arts projects. It provides information on how to go about creating interdisciplinary units and includes a number of detailed units that demonstrate what high-quality interdisciplinary teaching looks like. This is a perfect resource for people who want to create their own interdisciplinary projects, groups of educators who want to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects, and general educators who are interested in arts integration.

Articles Free (NAfME Members) or Open Access Online

If you are a member of NAfME, you have free online access to all issues of Music Educators Journal, Update, and General Music Today. Some other journals are open-access online. Take advantage of these resources! [COMING SOON]

Ideas for the Classroom (Shared Online)

Here are a number of posts from this blog or those of others that can give you some ideas for engaging students in your own settings:

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