July 18, 2016

Music Technology Teaching and Learning

Creative Musical Engagement and Learning with Technology and Media

The following curated resources can be helpful for music learning and teaching in varied formal and informal settings. Some affiliate links are included. You can find out more about affiliate links at the bottom of my about page.

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Curated Apps and Software

Web-based resources for being musically creative   (most can be used with chromebooks and mobile devices)  

Ableton in music learning and teaching

DAWs and related applications (includes web-based apps)

Recordings and Music for learning and teaching contexts

Recordings for use in music learning and teaching contexts (mostly free, public domain, or creative commons licensed)


Foundational and Principles of Learning and Teaching with Technology

Theory and Practice of Technology-Based Music Instruction – Jay Dorfman

While many books focus on technology itself, Jay Dorfman’s book is an excellent research-based resource to guide teaching with technology. This book will help you develop or strengthen your pedagogy and think through issues that often arise when addressing technology in music programs and other settings.

The Oxford Handbook of Technology and Music Education – edited by Alex Ruthmann and Roger Mantie

If you are looking to get a sense of the most current research, thinking, and practice in terms of technology and music learning and teaching, this Oxford Handbook is an excellent starting place. One of its strengths is the diversity of perspectives, which are international in scope. As with the other books in this section, this handbook explores important themes and topics around technology that are often missing from resources that focus on the specifics of how to use particular technologies in music programs. This is the type of book that has potential to really impact how we think about and work with technology to support learners of all ages (In full disclosure, I have two chapters of my own in this book).

Information and Strategies for Including Technology in Music Programs

Experiencing Music Technology – David B. Williams & Peter Webster (New Edition Coming soon)

This is one of the most popular music technology textbooks in university music technology classes and with good reason. This comprehensive book is a great starting point for people who are new to music technology and need a foundation of what things are and how they work. Experiencing music technology can give you the starting points to feeling comfortable and confident with music technology in music learning and teaching settings.


Other Curated Music Learning and Teaching Resources

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Learn about initiatives and resources around technology and other related issues from the Consortium for Innovation and Transformation in Music Education at Arizona State University