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Breaking it down with the BBC….

Having trouble holding back the excitement of students wanting to remix their latest composition project with world news? Have no fear, the BBC is here to save the day! Even the UK Penguin book publising company is appropriating remix culture. The UK is not the only country holding remix contests. The CC Mixter based in the US is taking full advantage of creative commons licensing and has already held successful contests and continues to encourage

X Boxes, And Playstations and gameboys oh my!

Forget students asking you to play the latest movie theme music, soon you are going to get requests to play video game theme songs at your next concert. How do you feel about that? You can get a taste of what it might be like when the Detroit symphony orchestra plays its ‚ÄúDear Friends: Music from Final Fantasy” concerts this summer. Has anyone had their students create video game music? If so was it done