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Remix Culture, Philosophy & Music….

DJ Spooky (also known as Paul D. Miller )sent an interesting email out today (also archived on nettime) that contains an interview in which he discusses issues of music as a metaphor, remix culture , collage and the relationship between his perspectives of music and the philosophies of Deleuze and Guattari. It’s definitely an interesting read and might even get you motivated to crack open some philosophy texts or at least look up some info

DRM, Payola, and the music industry

Here’s a label that would be interesting to see on CDs in your favorite music store. In case you missed all the news on SONY’s DRM disaster read up here or here. Speaking of the music industry, in NY last year many public school music programs received a box of CDs from the state attorney Elliot Spitzer’s office as a result of a settlement with various music labels for collusion to overcharge for CDs. That’s

Music Education and Classical Music

Scottish composer James MacMillan recently wrote a scathing article about what he called the “dumbing down” of a new music syllabus in Scotland. In his discussion of “serious music” ,and “popular culture” he calls for a renewal of challenging the notion that “there is no meaningful difference between high art and low art”. An article written in response reiterated some of MacMillan’s ideas and offered other opinions on the syllabus. The discussion of what is

From Conscious Hip Hop to Racism in the Jazz Age….

How has music education dealt with hip hop culture or rap music let alone issues of race and class when discussing listenership? Baakari Kitwana author of the recent book “Why White Kids Love Hip Hop”wrote a recent article in the Village Voice that looked at the fact that most “conscious” hip hop shows ( non-commercial and politically progressive) are attended predominantly by white youth. Some people might observe that more often than not, there tends

The Mixtape in 2005….

Was John Cage really a DJ at heart? Whether or not Cage was making a very very old (school) mixtape, mixtape culture is ubiquitous. Though now in different forms , people still love sharing their own mixtapes. Do you know what your students would put on their own mixtapes or (CDs)/playlists/MP3blogs/Audioscrobblers? Why not find out? It might be interesting to collect all of our students lists and compile them to see if we can paint