Popular Music and Music Education Resources

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Resources for Popular Music and Music Learning and Teaching

These popular music and music education resources can be useful for those engaged in the practice of facilitating engagement and learning with popular music and those engaged in researching aspects of popular music in relation to music learning and teaching.

This curated set of resources will always be incomplete, in-process, and ever-growing. Send a message with additional suggestions.

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Connecting Research and Practice

Contemporary Musicianship Initiatives via the Consortium for Innovation and Transformation in Music Education (CITME)

Music Education Books

Web-based Resources

Dedicated Research Journals

Communities of Practice & Organizations

Related Books to Inform Practice

Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

This book gives concrete suggestions and process for creating electronic dance music.

Hip Hop

Both books include information on how MCs flow and could inform approaches to helping learners rap.

Addresses issues of flow and rapping but with a larger focus on the lyrics of rap music and their relation to poetry. 

Take a look at other curated resources for music education.

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