Robotics to augment musical engagement?

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You Are Here:, digital culture, music education, socio-cultural Issues, technologyRobotics to augment musical engagement?

A recent development out of Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology demonstrates how robotics can be used to augment live performance. However one feels about this type of technology and its connection to human performance, I find it helpful to think through these types of developments and imagine future scenarios that might relate to or impact music teaching and learning.

I’ve written in the past about robots in relationship to music and musical engagement. More recently, in my article Reflecting on the present and looking ahead: A response to Shuler I’ve explored future scenarios such as where boundaries between humans, cyborgs, robots, or Artificial Intelligence might be blurred in relationship to music teaching, learning, and engagement.

Speaking of robots and music education, two current doctoral students in the Arizona State University Music Education Department (Isaac Bickmore & Ryan Bledsoe) and are working with an impressive team on an initiative involving robots, programming, creative decision making, and education. If you know of any young people who program or are interested in programming, please consider inviting them to take this survey to help inform Isaac and Ryan’s work:

What are your perspectives on robots and musical engagement, teaching, and learning?

What ways might your students imagine using robots for musical engagement or learning?

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