Music Education + New Music + NewMusicBox = NewMusicBox Education Week!

As a longtime reader of the online multimedia publication NewMusicBox (from New Music USA), I’m thrilled to contribute to their special focus on Education:  How We Learn Now: Education Week (Sept 23- 27).

My article, Inviting Possibilities for New Music and Music Education addresses three key themes:

  • Contemporary pedagogy: shifting from a lecture, direct instruction, teacher-centered approach to one that is more project-based and student-centered
  • Participatory culture: drawing on some of the themes I addressed in my MEJ article Toward Convergence: Adapting Music Education to Contemporary Society and Participatory Culture
  • Contemporary pedagogy + Participatory Culture + New Music: exploring the potential of situating new music in the context of contemporary pedagogy and participatory culture

It should be clear throughout the article that I believe new music communities and music education communities have much to offer each other and could move closer together, possibly engaging in collaboration.

I mention in the article that I plan on hosting a Google Hangout during the Spring 2014 Semester when I teach my Digital and Participatory Culture in Music Course to foster related dialogue. Get in touch if you would like to “Hangout” and take part in the conversation.   Contact me at Evan [dot] Tobias [@]

New Music folks, if you are interested in pursuing potential collaborations, grants, etc. and want to start a dialogue, I’d be happy to chat.

Music ed folks, since NewMusicBox is focusing on New Music for a week, consider expanding your own horizons of the contemporary new music world – go explore for a while and get inspired!

I hope you will consider reading the articles featured throughout NewMusicBox’s Education Week and take part in the ongoing dialogue.

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